Here's a list of things that sell my heart and allow to sleep at night
  1. Ambien
  2. Jack Daniels
  3. Carbon monoxide
  4. 750 ml of Zzzquil and a few muscle relaxers
  5. Uncle Greg's Fun Juice
  6. Happy endings in fairy tales
  7. Happy endings from chiropractor Ed
  8. Pop up books
  9. Warm milk
  10. Dead mimes
  11. Lullabies
  12. Properly disposed evidence
  13. Down pillows
  14. Clean sheets
  15. The warning sign in my window that informs potential Peeping Toms I use Bowflex and have no mercy when demonstrating my power
  16. Lavender
  17. Dream catchers
  18. Star wishes
  19. Vic's vapor rub in my lower region
  20. The hum of a fan