there's a lot of variables not taken into account
  1. Cold beer (like)
  2. Semi-cold beer (like)
    Not gross like warm beer and is good for chugging
  3. Light beer (like)
    It's cheaper and sort of like a better version of water.
  4. Dark beer (don't like)
    It tastes like syrup and is filling and it makes people say stuff like "I didn't know you like dark beer" and I don't and the only reason why I ever drink it is because someone else insists upon it, they say something like "believe me Shane, you'll like it. Just give it a try" and I'm usually honored that someone would want to share something they like with me, so I try it, but never once have I actually enjoyed dark beer
  5. Non-alcoholic beer (don't like)
    My mom bought me this stuff as a kid once and it sucked. It lacks purpose.
  6. Craft beer (don't like)
    It always has too much hops or some shit and I rather just have a regular beer– I drink to get buzzed and am not into experiments. Hipsters love craft beer but I'm not a hipster therefore it's not in my constitution/required of me to have favorable opinions towards craft beer. Sometimes I really don't mind it but statistically I can't call myself a fan
  7. Root beer (like)
    Tastes good
  8. Skunked beer (don't like)
    I'm no longer a teenage fuckhead whos trying to get drunk by any means necessary
  9. Ginger beer (don't like)
    Moscow mules are great but without being mixed this shit is gross. Not real beer
  10. Abandoned beer/ wounded soldier (????)
    Could be my beer from earlier, not sure, depending on my level of drunkenness I might go for it. Must be at least semi-cold and found at a friend or family member's house–never at a party or bar.
  11. Coor's lite (like)
    It was the first beer I ever drank. I was 6 years old and basically illiterate and I thought I was grabbing a diet coke since they both come in silver cans. My 4 year old brother also liked it but neither of us finished ours because my mom walked in. Still it's a great memory for me so overall I like Coor's lite; we shared a special moment together
  12. Bottled beer (like)
    Better than canned beer IMO
  13. Draft beer (like)
    Better than bottled beer IMO. Obviously served better in a glass than in a cup