To me, happiness was my recent trip...

Went to Key West,Florida with a very great friend I haven't seen in many years. Best trip I've taken to date.
  1. Chicken and roosters walking around like they own the place
  2. Key west is 'where the money at'
    This is a bar covered with money
  3. Plane from Maryland↘️ to Fort Lauderdale➡️road tripped to key west 🚗
  4. Admiring a mango tree, the owner came out, gave us a tour and we left with a bag full of yummy mangoes
  5. Hemingways house
  6. Hemingway had a baller-ass pad. 'Can I crash at your place?'
  7. Stumbled upon the best gallery, went back three times.
  8. One of my favorite pieces.
  9. Divers paradise, imagine waking up to this sight each day.
  10. Key west has a different beach around every corner
    -my favorite beach.
  11. This trip really motivated me. Many lessons were taught. Met so many great people, another reason I didn't want to leave.
  12. Same goals. One direction. I will come back, maybe to live, maybe just another visit, who knows what the future holds ~