June 3rd to June 6th
  1. Giphy
  2. Sunscreen (2bottles!)(spf50+,spf100+)
  3. Swimsuits (3 suits) knit pair, black strappy and plain black and shorts
  4. Bug spray
  5. Makeup, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, soap, body wash, razor, body lotion, face lotion, coconut oil, face scrub, soy face, makeup wipes, brushes.
  6. One beach towel
  7. Flip flops, sneakers, 1 pair of sandals
  8. Pjs 😊
  9. 1 maxi dress, 3 sundresses, 1 pair of dressy shorts, cute tops?
  10. Sunglasses, coverup, jewelry!
  11. Electronics: iPhone, charger, iPad? iPad charger.
  12. Itinerary, tickets, printed list.
  13. Giphy