1. You laugh at the same weird stuff.
  2. You both have no time for fools.
  3. You like her.
  4. She likes you.
  5. She's honest.
  6. You figure out ways to hang out with her.
  7. She commands an army of orcs, who at the sounding of a wraith's nighthorn, will gather and swarm a hostile enemy.
  8. She loves coffee as much as you.
  9. She controls the wind and weather with her mind, and wields that power in your name.
  10. She has a knowing smile and your inside jokes bring it out.
  11. She is second to Harpsicorn, grand ruler of the north caverns, and her power of divination can wake corpses from their slumber to once again rule the lost land of Rindameigne.
  12. She dances at weddings.
  13. A night in is her favorite thing.
  14. Thrass krebo grycum, clum tunis BRAVOCA!! KIGGLAN FELLSCHUM CARPOSIS!
  15. She's right in front of you.