Ranking Drake's Discography

6 God is watching.
  1. 8.
    Room for Improvement
    It's all in the title, fam. Drake's effort shows that he wanted to give this rap thing a go, but he didn't have an identity; he didn't have a distinguishable voice to create something with lasting impact.
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    Comeback Season
    Aubrey was determined to be known outside of his role on Degrassi and to make himself a legitimate artist in hip-hop. While this was not the body of work that would accomplish that feat, tracks like 'Replacement Girl,' made people at least notice that Drake was serious—as corny as some of his efforts were—about establishing himself in the game.
  3. 6.
    We all knew Drake had pop ambitions. If 'Hotline Bling' didn't convince you of such aspirations, this will. On his fourth studio LP, Drake delivers his most pop-themed album to date, and the result is 19—20 if you include 'Hotline Bling'—songs that unfortunately fall short of the expectations placed on the 6 God. There many wonderful moments on this album, but the excess of throwaway tracks and lack of cohesion make "Views" feel like a missed opportunity. It could have been so much more...
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    Nothing Was the Same
    On Drake's third studio release, we come across a Drake who has tasted success. And while he had yet to become the global icon he is today, he was on the cusp of that feat. However, this would not be the album that established that imprint. The album was often scattered, lazy, and lacking that definitive punch it was set out to deliver.
  5. 4.
    Thank Me Later
    Drake's debut studio album is arguably his most overlooked. Coming off the heels of his breakout mixtape, 'So Far Gone,' people were waiting for Drake to fail. "There's no way he can continue this run." "He's still just that kid from Degrassi." The criticisms were bountiful. However, while far from perfect, Drake delivered a strong debut that is often ignored in light of the rest of his catalog.
  6. 3.
    So Far Gone
    Widely considered the piece of work that set off the chain of reactions that introduced mainstream audiences to Aubrey Graham the rapper/singer, 'So Far Gone' was the genesis of Drake's run with Young Money, and the first glimpse we got of 40's genius behind the boards. This mixtape was the body of work that truly started it all.
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    If You're Reading This It's Too Late
    Drake had entered the height of his powers when he released a surprise mixtape/album (who even really cares what it is) in February 2015. IFYRTITL finds Drake aggressively and assertively letting the rest of us mere mortals know that we were now living in the 6 God's world (referring to the newly christened "The 6," Toronto). And if you look at where we are today, he wasn't wrong.
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    Take Care
    If Drake's image and perception could be summed up in one album, 'Take Care' is that album. On his sophomore LP, Drake set the stage for the shift that was taking place in hip-hop and r&b. With the dark, atmospheric, minimalistic backdrops from Drake's right hand man, 40, Drake finally found the sound he set out to find since 'So Far Gone.' There really is something for everyone on this album, and its compositional structure helped shape many of the sounds we hear in hip-hop today.