1. Packed all the coffee
  2. Packed all the tea
  3. Never made scones, suddenly want to!! Packed the cookie sheets
  4. Landlord wants to know where his old shower curtain from 5 years ago went. Yes that's coming out of the deposit ($85 shower curtain. Right)
  5. Packed all but 7 pairs of shoes, still not the shoes I want to wear though. Ugh
  6. Selling things on Craigslist. Lots of interest, uh, no I won't trade my couch for drugs. Anyone want this free couch?
  7. That sound that tape guns make
  8. Trying to find the end of the packing tape on the roll for 65 hours and then you finally do and you pick at it for 18 hours and finally get a corner and no matter how carefully and slowly you pull you end up with a tiny sliver of tape that literally couldn't hold 2 tissues together