My best friend, the person I've known the longest outside of my family, (18 years and counting!) and truly the best person I know.
  1. Very obviously the smartest woman I know.
    Both intellectually and in life. I bet she kicked my arse on the act but I'll never know because we don't share test results like true friends. Is just generally smart about how to live.
  2. Is remarkably frugal
    Which is amazing because I'm the opposite. She chooses to spend her money in special things and necessities and not a paid of fuzzy socks that she found in the checkout line at forever 21. I respect her so much for this
  3. Gets excited over the small things
    Like mugs and snow and rediscovering her favorite running headband. We should all live like this
  4. In superb shape
    But actually. I will never reach this level of fitness. Likely because she was raised by fitness god mamma o.
  5. Would hold her own in an eating contest
    This is important. I don't trust people who are "slow eaters" or "can't eat a lot." Get out of here. Despite her tiny frame, can really put it away
  6. Has grown over the years but hasn't really changed
    I appreciate this. We've both gotten older and matured but she remains the same person I've known since I was 4
  7. Is too beautiful for this world
    Green eyes. Long lashes. Freckles and blonde hair. Geeze talk about God giving with both hands amirite?
  8. Will be a superb nurse
    I would literally want no one else sticking a needle in me. Smart, kind and good at what she does, she's gonna be a stellar nurse. 💉
  9. Let's me rant
    About the same things over and over again. I must get old. But she responds with the same about if vigor about my roommate not washing the dishes every time!
  10. Just the best friend anyone could ask for
    I've been so blessed ❤️