AHHHHHH I'm obsessed
  1. Chloe
    The oldest. And the one who would trade me in for a steak any day. This is her "give me every piece of your breakfast" face. Is a GIANT Bichon. Like she weighs 25 lbs. and she should weigh at most 12. Good for you, Chlo.
  2. Max
    Our first rescue dog and truly a "dog's dog." The pup fetches AND brings the ball back. Always chasing airplanes. Making friends with squirrels. Great dog. Honestly... My favorite... Shhhh. We have an inseparable bond.
  3. Mackie
    Our foster dog who's totally gonna be adopted by someone in this family. A goon. Truly clumsy but very unique. Will fall down an entire flight of stairs and be fine. Has two snaggle teeth on his bottom set. Also weighs nothing and loves lap sitting