In my life, I have seen 4 different men publicly masturbating. All of these instances happened in the last 3 and a half years, as well. Needless to say I've had enough
  1. 2012 or 2013: one man on the redline train in Chicago really going at it
    Penis was very visible. The worst part was he was looking at my friend and other women on the train. I remember his expression of ecstasy as the train sped off after we had gotten off at our stop.
  2. 2012 or 2013: same train as before, but another, larger man got on, sat next to the man mentioned above, and proceeded to join him in masturbating.
    This was the largest man I have ever witnessed.
  3. 2013
    Fall semester on the redline again, there was only this man and my friend and I on the train and he truly was not holding back. Moans and everything 😟
  4. 2014 Rome, Italy
    Walking along the river, passed within a foot of a man jacking it and staring closely at my friends and I. They were horrified. At this point, I was desensitized