The truth about post-grad life

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago this month, and things are rough
  1. You will move home
    And you will have to share a room with your sister who's stuff is literally taking up the entire room. Because she too moved home post grad and has nowhere to put her stuff in the tiny split-level that 8 people live in with 3 dogs
  2. You will be broke
    No job. No savings. Things are not looking good.
  3. You will apply to a million jobs
    Not all of them will be what you want to do or what you majored in. In fact, the places that actually do get back to you won't be what you were hoping for. You'll apply to so many you'll forget which ones you did apply to if and when they get back to you
  4. You will feel hopeless
    Even though it's only been a month, you feel you've been lost for 2 years
  5. And yet you will feel hopeful
    Every job posting in your field will feel like a god send. You will dream about that job and how great you could be at it.
  6. You will be frustrated
    It's hard to stay motivated when it feels no one wants you.
  7. But you will keep going