A lot of stuff happened
  1. I was late.
    I am never late to anything. Ever. But tonight I was late, which caused me to have to sneak in quietly and traverse as best my clumsy self could across a studio of skinny girls in child pose. And one man.
  2. I thought one of the girls I put my mat close to was my friend.
    One was, the girl on the other side I thought was Theresa? Nah. Sorry, nameless girl for being so freaking close to you.
  3. I held in a fart the entire time.
    New world record
  4. I nearly toppled over like, 8 times
    I never had any balance and you expect me to balance on one foot for how many minutes now?
  5. I had to pull my leggings up 7 times
    High waisted, but too small. Which adds to the compression on my stomach, making that fart even more difficult to hold in
  6. I completed the class!
    🌟 for me