God it's been like 7 months, but having feelings for someone for 3 years make it hard. He's trying to see someone new and I'm just trying to be okay with that
  1. Imagining myself meeting his new girlfriend
    Granted he's not dating anyone yet, and this sounds counterproductive, but I fully believe in strong female friendships and have a burning desire to be friends with whoever he's into. Therefore, picturing myself meeting her forces me to picture myself having moved on, confidently
  2. The no-contact roller coaster ride
    Well, I refused no contact when we broke up in February. Now it's November and declaring no contact seems pathetic and late so I do it in waves. A week here, a day or two there. I don't think it's helping
  3. Looking at other men
    Harder than it sounds, I haven't really looked at another man in 3 years. T and I only dated for a collective 2 weeks (sad) but I had held a torch for him since I met him 3 years ago.
  4. Accepting we've both changed
    It happens. He's like his roommate now and I'm battling depression and learning to be independent. Life is rough when you're holding onto who you both used to be. It's okay to move forward
  5. Making a blog
    Yeah, I'm that girl
  6. Crying when you need to cry
    Suggested by @christineo
  7. Celebrating the little things
    Because they're actually the big things
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