At some point most evenings, I realize that I've had the misfortune of wearing a bra for hours and hours and hours too long.
  1. All of a sudden, my ribs and ta-tas are achy and claustrophobic.
    I'm dying. I don't know how I do this almost every day. Are there going to be bruises? Who the fuck decided this?
  2. I make the decision to break my chains.
    It's time to be free!
  3. So I unsnap the hook.
    Even such a small change is the most wonderful release.
  4. Then I usually pull the straps over my arms so I can remove the bra but not the shirt.
    Typically I'm taking my bra off long before bed while I want to remain somewhat clothed. This is commonplace, but most men think it's some sort of magic trick.
  5. Pull the old bra out of my shirt
    It's like a whole new world where women won't be judged for saggy breasts or protruding nipples (in other words, for having normal, human boobs). Think happy thoughts, ladies!
  6. Braless breasts are best!
    Free boobiiiesss!