I have soooo much guilt for unknown reasons
  1. I cannot do a cartwheel.
    It feels like I failed at being a young girl and now my life is meaningless.
  2. I wax my own eyebrows.
    There is no terrible stylist out there who makes people's eyebrows look like this. I do it to myself.
  3. I like cookie sandwiches because you can say you just had 4 but that means you actually had 8 cookies plus filling.
    No one needs to know the truth.
  4. I sleep a lot.
    I feel guilty about it. Like I'm stealing all the sleep that everyone else wishes they got. Sorry. I need it.
  5. I have no desire to go sky diving.
    I feel like everyone thinks everyone wants to do crazy, bucket-list things like this. I will not be the one to go with sky diving with you. I could wait for you with some Chapstick wherever you're landing, but that's as invested as I'll ever be.
  6. I used to tell people that I'm allergic to seafood.
    I'm not and I never thought I was. I hated seafood, but didn't want to admit that I'm picky. I still don't eat fish proper, but I eat shellfish now! Oh, and I tried alligator so that totally makes up for my previous lies.
  7. I rewatch the same shows over & over.
    This started with The OC followed by a list of about 15 other comedy series and continues today. When there's nothing else to watch, I just start back through on something for the thirteenth time.