Names For Other Things That Should Be Euphemisms For Menstruation

These are terms/phrases I heard referring to completely unrelated things that just perfectly describe periods. I wanna hear some more!
  1. Mother Superior
    First heard on Trainspotting, then I learned it's a term for leaders of female religious communities. But what other term could explain the overarching power of the period?
  2. Goddess Flow
    This was the name of a Buti Yoga class I used to attend. It felt right.
  3. Crimson Linings Playbook
    Suggested by   @PeteOnEarth
  4. Crimson Tide
    Honestly, I have a hard time believing this isn't the true meaning. Maybe Alabama started off as a women's college?
    Suggested by   @marykathryn
  5. "Moon slave"
    Not a euphemism for menstruation itself, but what I have referred to myself as during that time of the month/lunar cycle
    Suggested by   @kate_dom
  6. Dexter
    Suggested by   @clairewentthere