Two years ago today was a Sunday. It started pretty normal, even kind of great, and then got tragic really quickly.
  1. Some friends and I spent the day at another friend's house.
    We were relaxing, having a few drinks, smoking a little smoke, and enjoying the day.
  2. The house owner let us use his blow dart gun.
    It was super fun to learn how to do something new.
  3. As day wore into evening, everyone started to leave.
    Two of my guys friends and I decided we wanted to go to dinner somewhere together.
  4. We left the house thinking we were going to go to a Mexican Restaurant in the next town over.
    For some reason, we decided we didn't want to do that and threw out a couple other options before we settled on a different Mexican Restaurant in the same town we were in. We got to the parking lot and even talked about picking something else because it was almost closing time. In the end, we decided to just go in.
  5. We walked in and got sat in the room adjacent to the lobby area.
    We ordered food, beers, talked, ate, and had an overall great time.
  6. The restaurant wasn't very busy, so I took notice of a cute couple that got sat about two minutes after us.
    They were at a booth near the windows.
  7. At this restaurant, the server hands you your check and you take it to a cashier to pay.
    So as we finished, we made our way up to the cashier in the room beside the dining room we ate in.
  8. Here's were the day changed from normal to completely scary.
    It reminded me how each moment and decision can affect your entire life.
  9. So we were standing at the register waiting for someone to come take care of us...
    And we heard this loud crash.
  10. I could tell it came from the room we just came from.
    For some reason, my first thought was that a large cabinet of plates or glassware somehow tipped over, breaking and spilling them all over the floor.
  11. For about 5 seconds after the noise, the place gets eerily quiet.
    Not unusual because of the amount of people in the restaurant, but the air had changed. I knew I needed to move from my spot to see what had happened.
  12. I started to walk into the dining room from where we just came and towards the direction where the sound happened.
    Immediately I noticed that the air was now cloudy with dust. The light and mood seemed to have changed completely within a matter of seconds.
  13. When I got in to the room, I could see what had caused the sound.
    A truck had crashed through the side of the building mere feet from where we had been standing on the other side of the wall.
  14. The next couple seconds seemed like an eternity.
    I realized that the truck had crashed just inches away from he booth where the couple was sitting. Essentially, it landed right between where we were and where they were, but closer to them.
  15. The booth table that the couple was sitting at was pushed awkwardly awry.
    They were somewhat pinned in their seats. I remember seeing them try to crawl up over the table with restaurant workers helping.
  16. I wanted to help so badly, but I had no idea what to do.
    I was so nervous. I've never had any emergency training. I felt that pulling the people out from the booth was something we should've left for the paramedics but at the same time knew that if I were in their situation I wouldn't want to be trapped either.
  17. I glanced back towards the register and saw another employee calling 911.
    I was so concerned for the people inside the building that it took me a couple minutes to realize that no one had addressed the driver of the truck.
  18. My friends and I walked outside.
    We could immediately see the truck. Again, I wanted to help but was (probably stupidly) afraid that the truck would somehow blow up or drive farther into the building or who knows what.
  19. My friend ran over to the truck and looked inside.
    He ran back to relay what he saw, which was an older man slumped over the steering wheel. His foot was still on the accelerator.
  20. Seconds after my friend returned, a lady came over to check on the man.
    She had seen the crash from a nearby gas station. She slid in the passenger side and checked his pulse. Since he was still alive and unconscious, she said there was nothing to be done but wait for the paramedics.
  21. Around that time, the other friend I was with started panicking.
    He called his father and asked him to come pick him up. He absolutely could not deal with the situation.
  22. The one friend and I stayed for about twenty more minutes. We were outside when the first cop arrived.
    I was so thankful to see that the first policeman on the scene was a good friend of mine from High School. Even though he was all business, his presence calmed me.
  23. Now that real help had arrived, we began wondering what we were going to do about paying our bill.
    It's a strange problem, but obviously the employees were busy doing other things and we didn't want to use this tragedy as an opportunity to dine and dash. We ended up giving the money to a lady who said she was the fiancé of one of the employees.
  24. We sat in the car for a few minutes, discussing the situation and watching the emergency responders.
    The man from the couple was being wheeled out on a gurney. We found out later that he was treated at a nearby hospital for his injuries. The driver of the truck unfortunately died later at the same hospital.
  25. It was one of the craziest moments of my life!
    We just kept talking about how many things could have gone differently which would have caused us to be somewhere else at that moment. Or if we had gotten to the restaurant a few moments later, we could have been seated where the couple got pinned.
  26. It made me wish I had been able to do something to help someone there.
    I know it isn't going to help in all situations and wouldn't have helped on that day, but I am planning on getting CPR Certified. This is something I've been wanting to do since. Now that I work at a daycare, I find it especially important.
  27. So remember...
    Each moment is your life. It could change any second. Every decision, no matter how minuscule, leads you to YOUR destiny. You can take every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow yourself into someone you are proud of.