Throughout my life, there have been several recurring themes during short periods. These are those:
  1. Flat tires
    Approx 2006-2009. >= six flats. Needless to say, I learned how to change 'em in a jif with my own two damn hands and woman strength. Once, even in the rain on a busy highway.
  2. Car accidents
    Approx 4 months in 2013. Three boom boom pows. My fault, old lady's fault, and deer's fault, respectively.
  3. Dental issues
    From February 2015-present day. Lots of fillings and two root canals. Ouch. This was a direct result of my genetically shitty quality of teeth and neglect. No dental insurance = no dental visits for like 4 years, amirite? Do not do as I have done.
  4. Poop cleaning (I have no shame discussing poop anymore)
    From Dec 2015-present. Parents will feel me here. However, I began working at a daycare so I not only have to clean up poop from one family's children's butts, but a multitude of them. We also deal with a lot of kids who are newly potty trained so there have been about 7 total in-underwear poop accidents. Yuck. Also, during this time, I woke up one night to my dog explosively pooping on our bedroom floor. She proceeded to do that several more times all over the house. Fun!