These are the things that keep me up at night, distract me while I'm driving and just nibble on my brain my every waking moment.
  1. Do people like me?
  2. What do I eat for breakfast?
  3. Am I forgetting something?
  4. Am I gaining too much weight?
  5. What do I want for lunch?
  6. Do I want to eat out?
  7. Is traffic heavy?
  8. Does my voice sound stupid while I order food?
  9. Do I pronounce bagel wrong?
  10. What caused this insect bite?
  11. Am I dying?
  12. What if I go to the doctor for an appointment and they forget to call my name?
  13. Can they see me? Is it rude to go to the desk and ask when it's my turn to see the doctor?
  14. Does the receptionist hate me for asking?
  15. Will she make sure I wait even longer now?
  16. Will they forget me in the examination room?
  17. Will I get a shot?
  18. Will I ever get to leave the doctor in time to go to the pharmacy?
  19. What's that noise?
  20. Will I forget the code to the gun safe?
  21. Why is someone knocking on the door? Do I know them? Should I have my gun?
  22. What should I make for dinner? Will I make it right? Do I have all the ingredients?
  23. Is the grocery store busy? Will I find my Advantage card?
  24. Will my husband like his dinner?
  25. Is he mad at me?
  26. Will I remember to watch my tv show? Did I set the DVR?
  27. Will I remember to wash my face before bed?
  28. Did I forget anything today? Did I pay my bills?
  29. Will I get to bed at a decent time?
  30. And on, and on, and on...