Out-of-context Quotes From a Dating Seminar I Went to as a Married Woman

  1. "Didn't work for me, Dale Carnegie!"
  2. "If you can eat pizza and also have sex with someone, that's someone you can love."
  3. "I'm sorry if you base your love life around astrology. It's all absolute nonsense."
    "It is bollocks, though, isn't it? I'm really sorry."
  4. "Cat goes crazy, cat goes crazy, and when you drop the string, the cat doesn't care anymore."
    Men are the cats in this scenario.
  5. "It's a living hell!"
    A woman screams from the back, in reference to dating.
  6. "I love that tie, stay away from me, I'm obsessed with ties!"
    Advice on what to say to pick up a man.
  7. "Maybe you came here just to have fun... Well I'm going to make sure you didn't come here for that."
  8. "I want you to take your right fist, and I want you to squeeze it."
    This one had inspirational music playing in the background.
  9. "Say yes. Say yes! SAY YES!"
    Again with the inspirational music.