1. #blessed
    "It rained today!"
  2. #instawood
    Much like its sister #instagood, #instawood has been key to getting me droves of new followers (whilst in this woodland home) so I keep getting the serotonin boosts I need from those likes to nurse me thru my current bout of Scurvy.
  3. #JeSuisCharlie
    I have 9 kitty cats out here. They're all the same color. It's soooooooo hard to tell those little gooberz apart! I've named them all Charlie for the comfort of my followers. Salut Charlie! What's that you said?
  4. #noouthouse
    Ride or die (this is local slang for "dig your own hole").
  5. #woodwardinthewoods
    It's my thing.