If foods could date, these dramas would dominate the rag mag covers.
  1. Brussels sprouts and cauliflower
    A same sex pairing that no one expected: except everyone. It's been a glass closet situation for these two since the beginning. Lately, this power couple is unstoppable. But, is it real love? Or just a lustful pair riding the waves of narcissism?
  2. Kale and french fries
    A classic tale: she's from a transcendental meditation cult in Phoenix, he's from a traveling circus based out of Boulder. Having met in a private school cafeteria dumpster, these high school sweethearts are the epitome of fairy tale love.
  3. White flour and rice
    It started as a setup. No one expected them to hit it off. A one night stand at best. Two starches? Completely unsustainable. However, their best selling sex advice book "White On Rice" (with a new forward by Kim Catrall) has just entered its 4th printing.
  4. Peanut Butter and Chocolate
    They've been together so long, people don't even think about it anymore. Essentially the Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson of the food world. Fantastic apart, even better when they're together.
    Suggested by @hollis