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  1. A first edition copy of Franny and Zooey. A lot of pals give me a rough time about loving this book. One of my favorite quotes is from the first chapter: "...I love you to pieces, distraction etc."
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  2. My first adventure into the world of Elizabeth Bowen. Recommended by Princess Tiny herself (@zoe).
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  3. A Pulitzer Prize winning novel we have never heard of by an author we have never heard of. With a title I'll let you discover organically.
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  4. A strange book with a beautiful cover.
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  5. My new obsession: an ATROCIOUS novel. Perhaps the most horrific amalgamation of aesthetics to shit on a cover since the last time that happened (insert open request for a list of the worst book covers of all time).
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  6. More about my new obsession: the inside flap. "....a child from the hippie world of 1970's Denver.... Details that offer a startling view of an exotic counterculture...{the heroine} successfully scavenges her way through childhood.. Overcoming such obstacles as Jimmy Henry's heroin habit..."
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  7. The author used to be the publicist for Powell's in Portland. It's a miracle Powell's is still standing in light of this new information.
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