inspired by pals
  1. Pet a lot of dogs
  2. Make vegan cupcakes
  3. Make iced coffee
  4. Drive around with the windows down & my feet on the dash
  5. Lie in the grass
  6. Journal lots
  7. See Metric live
  8. Take pictures with friends
  9. Start a book club (or at least try)
  10. Subscribe to more magazines, esp. feminist ones
  11. Get high, then get burgers, with Katherine
  12. Take my cats for a walk
  13. Practice drawing
  14. Start the process of applying to another school
  15. Find a new favourite highlighter since elf discontinued my old one :(
  16. Play fetch with my dogs at the beach
  17. Buy the perfect clogs
  18. Buy new black jeans
  19. Take baths
  20. Get wifi at my apartment finally
  21. And choose the perfect streaming services to buy
  22. DIY some cool t-shirts and shorts
  23. Write poetry about dogs
  24. Practice my makeup skillz
  25. Visit the frog pond and get ice cream with Cam
  26. Choose a hair dye for fall
  27. Get a new tattoo
  28. Let Anna pierce my ear/nips
  29. Eat bagels
  30. Go to second cup a lot
  31. Wear something with fringe
  32. Read more Russian things
  33. Get a massage
  34. Hang at Eilidh's
  35. Hang out of a tree?
  36. Give Cam a semi-serious lap dance
  37. Use my cookbooks
  38. Write letters to my Grammie
  39. Call my dad
  40. Visit my cottages with Cam 💛
  41. Drink some expensive and yummy cocktails
  42. Lie in a hammock
  43. Swim in a lake
  44. Dance at a party
  45. Drink wine & gossip with friends
  46. Play animal crossing
  47. Read about animal rights
  48. Make animal noises w bae
  49. Use sparklers
  50. Sit by a campfire
  51. Be a downtown Fredericton butt
  52. Get polar pops
  53. Dance at the Phoenix with Cam & Katherine
  54. Go to Value Village
  55. Watch scary movies
  56. Watch America's Next Top Model
  57. Eat a lot of hummus
  58. Eat watermelon
  59. Go sailing
  60. Don't be scared of the bees
  61. Get new glasses
  62. Be less judgmental
  63. Waste time on the internet
  64. Make a really good playlist
  65. Do my laundry more often
  66. Save money for the Halifax Pop Explosion
  67. Let Cam draw/paint me
  68. Do yoga
  69. Volunteer at the thrift store near my apartment
  70. Eat fries with guacamole
  71. Play Tomb Raider
  72. Work a lot so I have money
  73. Take Cam on a cute romantic date
  74. Go to a different coffee shop than usual
  75. Hang out with work friends outside of work
  76. Wear blue lipstick
  77. Wear orange and pink eyeshadow
  78. Buy grown-up art for our apartment
  79. Eat vegan Ben & Jerry's
  80. Eat coconut bacon
  81. See more comedy shows
  82. Wear that teeny tiny American Apparel shirt I bought that shows my boobs
  83. Delete and remake my insta
  84. Make my brother drive me around Fred
  85. Go to the movies w my family
  86. Have a political talk w my family where I remain calm and collected
  87. Drink slushies
  88. Lie on the beach in the sun
  89. Walk around barefoot
  90. Feed birds
  91. Hang out at the library
  92. Go for (at least one) run
  93. Meet Katherine's horse!
  94. Drive around Moncton w Cam and his brother
  95. Visit Cam's pals in Toronto
  96. Articulate my feelings about Beyonce
  97. Take a good squad pic
  98. Party party party in Fred
  99. Take my pills and work hard