1. Ate a cookie for breakfast
  2. Exercised/showered/did my makeup
  3. Ran into my work crush 🌷
  4. Ran into a super old friend and had a really nice talk!!!!
    They're moving to Alberta in a couple weeks so I'm really glad we got to see each other again before that!
  5. Saw my regular barista and had a nice chat also ☕️
  6. Found a pair of adorable fake leather shorts, that actually fit, for $10??? 💸💸💸
    Excited 2 bust them out in a couple months
  7. I think I'm losing weight and generally healthier since moving home 💪
  8. Ran into two MORE friends and had nice talks with both AND got invited to a show on Saturday!
  9. Currently eating raspberries before my shift (with my work crush) starts 🍓
  10. Also got invited to a 3-way today?? Probably gonna say no but v flattered
  11. Good day 😊
  12. Oh and Lime Crime finally dropped their Pop-On Nails so I'm gonna order a pair 💅🏻