Riverdale Characters in Order of How Much I Hate Them

Least- to most-hated.
  1. Josie
    Inspiring and SO CUTE and strong!!!!!
  2. Valerie
    An angel Archie does not deserve. Also kind of looks like Chelsea Peretti?
  3. Betty
    So brave and considerate and strong in the face of her parents' abuse!!!!! Forgives Veronica and Archie!!!!! Supports her friends always!!!!! Tries to help her sister!!! Tries to solve the mystery!!! Teaches the fucking misogynist jock a lesson!!! Fuck yeah Team Betty!!!! However still kind of hand-wringing and passive sometimes and likes Archie for some reason so :/
  4. Veronica
    Great for a lot of reasons, except she inexplicably kissed Archie that one time? I guess it could be hormones or w/e but that was SO mean. Still she's been a great friend other than that so I still love her and all her fancy literary references!!! Smart ladies forever!!!
  5. Jughead
    Annoyingly emo and kind of a bad writer. However he is supportive and a good friend and actually appreciates Betty!!!! Also I hope he has a home again? Also very cute
  6. Cheryl
    Mean but for understandable reasons? I'm mostly just annoyed by how fake "deep" she's written like a lot of her motivations just make no sense? But still ok mostly
  7. Fucking Archie
    You. Are so dumb. And plain as mayonnaise. Your muscles are nice but you're inconsiderate and write bad music. And kissed Veronica. Next.
  8. Ms. Grundy
    Literally a RAPIST like fuck off
  9. Betty's parents
    Please die :))))))) and give us back Polly instead