1. Consider taking a shower
    think about how tired you are, imagine the amount of germs and dead skin and gross stuff in bath water, think about how tired you are again
  2. Run a bath
    Add a liberal amount of bubble potion
  3. Get nakey
    Realize it's gonna take a few minutes to fill the tub. Stand around naked in your cold bathroom rather than put your clothes back on
  4. Hop in! 🛀🏻
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 💆🏻
  5. Take a million pics of your legs/butt/boobs under the bubbles
  6. Come dangerously close to dropping your phone in the water
    Somehow u still think this is a good idea
  7. Put yr phone down, lean back, and relax until the water turns cold.
    Maybe take a nap and wake up disoriented and shriveled
  8. Rub yr pruney fingers together a lot
    So gross 🙃
  9. Watch the bath pic "likes" rack up 😎
    Ya u could say I'm p bougie