Video Games I Love!!

I'm not like, a Call of Duty kinda girl. I like games with an emphasis on story, writing, art, music, and character development. Aka games that are cool even if u don't think you're a video game person
  1. Oxenfree
    This GAME. You have to play it at least twice. You're Alex, and you're exploring a spooky island with just your friends and a radio. You start intercepting secret radio waves. Time gets all fucked up. You might even see your dead brother again.
  2. Stardew Valley
    Adorable pixel town and you're the new farmer!!!! So cute and good for when you want to unwind.
  3. Portal & Portal 2
    Fight robots who are fucking hilarious even when they're trying to kill you??? Solve funky puzzles by shooting portals into the walls??? This game is my #1
  4. Firewatch
    This game is BEAUTIFUL and so special. Hilarious. Spooky. Unforgettable. Explore the woods and get to know Delilah, your witty, sharp-tongued friend across the park.
  5. Gone Home
    A beautiful, sad, queer teen girl love story. A fantastic riot grrrl soundtrack. Reminds me of high school and the teen girl punk scene 💙
  6. Bioshock!
    I don't typically like shooters but this is an underwater failed fascist society where u get awesome powers and the whole thing is scored w eerie 50s music???