Southwest flight from Austin, TX to Denver, CO and then on to Philadelphia, PA.
  1. A cute-ish man hunched forward, snuggling his pillow
  2. One male flight attendant in too-short shorts
  3. One female flight attendant who is inexplicably irritated
  4. An elderly woman reading a newspaper article entitled "A Romance That's Extra Zesty"
  5. Four visible cowboy hats
  6. A man who can only be described as a rustic Kurt Cobain
  7. My sleeping friend Ana, who is sporting a purple neck pillow that was 2/$20 in the airport
  8. My black neck pillow, the second half of that deal
  9. White hair
  10. Purple hair
  11. No hair
  12. Everyone getting visibly uncomfortable as the flight attendant announced that we will be experiencing turbulence