Incorporated sober and drunk pizza eating decisions
  1. Winning 🍕: Pi Pizzeria- the create your own veggie will cost you almost $40 but it's hands down the most bomb pizza in the city.
  2. &pizza - I live across the street from one, it's so 👌🏻
  3. Alba Osteria in Mt. Vernon triangle - paired with their rosé on tap = everything
  4. Matchbox
  5. Justin's cafe
  6. Ghibellinas
  7. RedRocks
  8. DC slice pizza truck
  9. Baby wale
  10. Italian pizza kitchen - jumbo slice on U. I have had this sober and it's still good.
  11. Angelina's on Florida ave - if I'm drunk it's almost inevitable I will end up here.
  12. Seventh hill pizza - haven't been in years tho bc they are rude
  13. Ella's wood fired pizza
  14. We the pizza
  15. 2 Amy's
  16. Manny & Olga's on 14th then the one on H --> then the Wisconsin Ave location
  17. Jumbo slice in Adams Morgan
  18. Dominos - for those times you give 0 fucks
  19. Armand's on the senate side - cheap and ight
  20. Fuel pizza - very basic, very cheap