Enjoyable moments from the Coldplay concert in Columbus last night

  1. Chris Martin: Still wearing shirts that are 2 sizes too short for him.
  2. Guy Berryman: Still. Fine. As. Hell.
  3. Will Champion can still bang the hell out of that bell.
  4. The love affair between Chris and Jonny Buckland: alive and well.
  5. The remix at the end of 'Paradise' + flashing bracelets given to every audience member = thousands of middle aged Ohio moms going full rave.
  6. Every band member deploying gentlemanly soccer/football claps at the audience after particularly rowdy sing-alongs.
  7. Chris Martin calling out, then apologizing to, a security guard who was trying to move people back to their assigned seats during a quiet song. He later gifted the guy with a bottle of wine to apologize for "being a dick".
  8. Later in that song he lost his way and said it was turning into a YouTube Nightmare and the only thing that could make it worse is if his pants fell down. (His pants did not fall down.)
  9. Actual pyrotechnics (luckily they were at the back of the stage so there was no ODB/Ghetto Superstar/VMAs moment of concern).
  10. Not one but TWO different instances of rainbow confetti raining down on the crowd.
  11. The End