1. Whooooole lotta jean shorts and cowboy boots up in here.
  2. The pre-show music is a mix of country songs but one in particular elicits a massive cheer and sing-along from the crowd. It turns out it's a Dixie Chicks song! Maybe they don't plan on playing it during the show but knew people would be pissed, so they're playing it over the PA so people can't complain they didn't hear it?
  3. The lights go down and before the band comes out Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" is played in full over the speakers. Respect.
  4. The show kicks off and the woman behind me proceeds to scream-sing every single lyric to every song (except for some of the covers). She is in tune and fully stoked so I cannot hate.
  5. Speaking of cover songs, they account for 10/25 songs in the set. That's 40 percent!
  6. But you gotta love a band who covers such diverse artists as Patty Griffin, Lana Del Rey, Motörhead, Beyoncé, Bob Dylan, and Ben Harper.
  7. Unless you're the lady behind me who yelled I HATE THAT FUCKING BITCH when Natalie mentioned Beyonce's name during the intro to "Daddy Lessons". I thought she might walk out right there but the power of those Chicks of Dixie compelled her.
  8. Fewer banjo solos than at a Mumford + Sons show
  9. There were two super drunk gay ladies next to us who were dancing their asses off and generously doling out very aggressive high fives at each song interval. We saw them happily wandering the parking lot looking for their car an hour after the show ended.
  10. The most raucous response from the crowd came when they started playing "Goodbye Earl" which was the DC song played before the show! This time the screen onstage had images from old movies to go along with the lyrics so when they sang "(Earl) put her in intensive care" there was footage of a woman in bandages in a hospital bed. wtf
  11. The mother in front of me was encouraging her 8-year-old daughter to sing along to the lyrics "Ain't it dark / Wrapped up in that tarp". Pictures of abusive men from history were flashing throughout. The loudest cheer came when OJ Simpson's face appeared. WTF
  12. There was a life-size cutout on the stage during the acoustic set they referred to as Flat Ronnie. From my seats it looked like Marc Maron.
  13. During "Ready to Run" the screens onstage featured caricatures of presidential candidates dressed as clowns and as the song peaked, confetti canons blasted red white and blue paper all over the crowd, like we were at some twisted political rally. The image of Donald Trump elicited mixed (!?!) reactions.
  14. Protip: Keep your mouth closed when confetti is raining down upon you. That shit tastes nasty.
  15. The encore consisted of their biggest song "Not Ready to Make Nice" followed by Ben Harper's "Better Way". I thought Glen Hansard was the only guy who liked to end his shows with a cover.
  16. I kid, it was a great song to end the night with, garbage can drum solo and all.
  17. In conclusion, if your friend has an extra ticket to see the Dixie Chicks, you should definitely go, even if you only know the radio hits, because there will be great people watching and excellent tunes, even if you don't know them well enough to scream-sing along.
  18. Static