Am I becoming an adult right now?
  1. Candle Holders
    Can you say sophistication? My apartment is next-level.
  2. Getting a coupon for $10 off an oil change.
  3. Any Buy One Get One sale at the grocery store.
    Publix BOGOs are my jam.
  4. The look and smell of a clean car.
    There's nothing like getting your shat together by finally going to the car wash and getting that baby an interior detail.
  5. Buying hand soap for my bathroom.
    Why yes, I would like to be a real adult by purchasing hand soap for my guests to use.
  6. Cookbooks in my kitchen.
  7. The Food Network
    It's like I woke up one morning and suddenly became my mother.
  8. Getting a 40 hour a week job!
    Enough of having 3 different part time jobs. Whoo!
  9. Getting mail with my name on it.
    So what if all of it is junk? It's MY junk.