I have a problem where I can't decide what color I want my hair to be. Here is the evolution of my hair over the past 3 years.
  1. Natural.
    I started dyeing my hair around 14. (Yikes!) This was before the dyeing started.
  2. The Taylor Swift.
    Platinum blonde with bangs.
  3. The slightly darker Taylor Swift
    Added in some low lights.
  4. Milk Chocolate
    When I thought I wanted to go back to a more natural look.
  5. The awkward bangs growing out/ombré stage.
    Keeping a lil blonde in there.
  6. Highlights.
    I couldn't stay a brunette for too long.
  7. Back to Brown
  8. Browner
  9. Back to Blonde
    I'm not indecisive, I just can't decide.
  10. Ugh, blonder?
    This is my current hair decision. I don't know where I'm going from here.