1. Bitmoji is so underrated.
  2. But it's, like, so awesome!
  3. Clever AF.
  4. Adorable.
  5. Hilarious.
  6. Perfect.
  7. Seriously, why hasn't this caught on?!
  8. It's almost as great as pizza.
  9. Can you tell how much I love it?
  10. It's not as lovable as my dogs, though.
  11. If I had said it was, you would've been like 😱...
  12. ...and 😱😱😱!
  13. But really, I can hardly even handle how much I love it.
  14. Wait, what?! You've never heard of Bitmojj?!??!
  15. 😳
  16. Sorry, that got a little out of hand.
  17. I just know how blessed your life would be if you Bitmojied.
  18. That's right, I just turned it into a verb.
  19. I realize you may think I'm a BIT of a loser for being QUITE this excited about an app....
  20. ...full of cartoons.
  21. But I'm telling you, it's ridiculously fun!
  22. There's a Bitmoji for every event and emotion!
  23. A Bitmoji for every holiday, even birthdays!
  24. If you still don't want to give it a try, I'm simply not okay with that.
  25. Yeah, we can't be friends anymore.
  26. What do you mean, "we weren't friends anyway"?!
  27. Jerk.
  28. You know what? I give up. It's your loss.
  29. You don't even know what you're missing.