People I saw in San Francisco
  1. Woman with bright orange eyeliner and a black pantsuit
    What a look!! She was rocking it, too.
  2. Person with pink mohawk and a scooter
    I personally don't like scooters as they are hazards to your ankles BUT you do you
  3. Older Asian woman in a nice blouse who sat next to me on the bus
    Looked sorta like the manager for an up-and-coming hipster garage band. Had really strong but not unpleasant perfume
  4. Man in orange shirt who ran around in the (busy) street pulling a Marilyn Monroe with the vents in the street
    Wouldn't have been San Francisco without him
  5. The friendly gay gardeners who gave us directions
    Super helpful and had cute little terra cotta planters with parsley or some shit like that in them