Like a bucket list but more boring and disorganized, in no particular order
  1. Get out of California
    I mean I've been to Reno but that's it
  2. Go to the San Francisco Pride Parade
    Looks pretty cool 👏👏👏
  3. Learn how to play an instrument
    I'm so impatient, I gotta work on that
  4. Write a book
    All these half-finished ideas have to go somewhere
  5. Get on TV
    For a cool reason though. Like, as a guest star. A dead body even.
  6. Make a lot of money
    Or at least enough, ya know?
  7. Make a bunch of people happy!!!
    This feeds off the last one, I've always had this fantasy of walking in to like a Chili's on a Friday night and just paying for everyone's food. Would be hella chill.
  8. Get a tattoo
    I'm not sure of what, probably something family related that I won't regret
  9. Perform in front of a (big) audience
    Biggest audience I've performed in front of was only like 400 people and it was a high school play I wanna amp that shit up 👐👐😤
  10. Learn how to Ice skate
    I'm from the Central Valley I've been to an ice rink like six times in my entire life but it's a valuable trait
  11. Learn at least a bit of a new language
    Hopefully Spanish, French would be cool too but less practical
  12. Impress my brother
    He's like the coolest person I know
  13. Visit Portugal
    Retrace them roots
  14. Visit Scotland
    Retrace them rooooooOOOoOts
  15. Go to one of those cool Instagram restaurants
    Like the ones with the crazy ice cream bc I love ice cream
  16. Inspire someone to do something great
    I'm not picky just something nice
  17. Get my mom an expensive mothers day gift
    I'm getting too old for handmade cards smh
  18. Get my dad something nice for father's day
    See above
  19. Take some sort of martial art class
    Mostly cause they look fun af
  20. Learn how to dance
    Swing, jazz, and tap look cool but other styles too 🙆🙆🙆
  21. Make an entire room of people laugh
    Like, at a joke, not just @ me
  22. Impact the world positively
    Prolly the hardest thing to accomplish because it is very seldom someone's remembered for a long time- gotta take some advice from Shakespeare or Aristotle on how they did it