From someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 🙆🙆
  1. Fleece
    Fleece is the worst fabric ever. It's suffocating and terrible.
  2. Chewing on my cheeks
    Like the inside of my cheeks. If it made sense it wouldn't be OCD
  3. Twisting the pages of books
    Drives my mom insane (understandably)
  4. Twisting/Rolling things
    Fabric, pages of books (see above), skin on the back of my hands, pencils
  5. Pencils have to be sharp
    I had to start carrying a hand-held pencil sharpener because I got up to sharpen my pencil so often in class
  6. Walking
    I have to have the foot I started on cross over paths in the sidewalks first. If it doesn't, I have to re-do it.
  7. Anxiety
    Imagining the worst possible scenario every time a family member is late, etc. Gets pretty bad since my family is always late.