I can sleep tomorrow.
  1. Sleepless in Seattle
    "She could peel an apple in one long curly string." Whenever I do this at home I imagine Tom Hanks is behind me nodding his head in approval.
  2. Pretty in Pink
    "Blane! His name is Blane!? That's a major appliance that's not a name!" Oh Duckie, you're the best.
  3. Clueless
    "That was way harsh Tai." Indeed.
  4. Star Wars: Episodes 4-6
    "Beep beep boop." I ❤️ R2
  5. All the Harry Potter Movies
    "Expelliarmus!!" This is the spell that took Voldemort down. Oh sorry. Spoiler alert!
  6. This is Spinal Tap
    "This one goes to 11." Yes, yes it does.
  7. Napoleon Dynamite
    "You're hair looked awesome today." This movie acts like its still 1984 in Idaho. Is it? Seriously I want to know.
  8. Casablanca
    "Play it again Sam." This movie is here so I look smart.