This list was exactly as hard to make as you think. But I got it. I got it. And you should watch all of these.
  1. My Dinner with Andre
    Really hard to watch. This movie is really funny and weird. Every time I watch this movie I am changed. I can't really explain why I love it so much
  2. Fallen Angels
    So heartbreaking. So funny. So real. So beautiful. Wong Kar Wai is often compared to Tarantino (which I kind of get...slightly). He is such a good story teller. This is the kind of dirty movie my parents let me watch when I was too young (they thought it was ok bc i wouldn't get the references).
  3. Echoes of the Rainbow
    First time I watched this was on the last day of the sixth grade. I watched it with my mom and we cried together then napped. It took me FOREVER to find this movie online. If you speak cantonese the movie is on fandor (the english subtitles are weak af). This movie is my everything.