1. Bald eagle. (Like BALD eagle)
  2. "Morrissey" in script. Lower back
  3. Kim Kardashian taking a selfie
    I know this tattoo personally.
  4. "Mom" banner on a McNugget
    Frat boy showing off this gem on the train last weekend. Almost didn't believe it.
  5. "America" written across the knuckles
  6. Flames. Ying Yang. Mercedes logo
    To be fair I think the Mercedes logo is supposed to be a peace sign.
  7. Chicken foot becomes palm tree
  8. "Cheeze its" lower back tattoo
  9. "Hell boy". Forehead. Full color.
    Parent of an elementary school buddy.
  10. Canadian maple weed leaf morph
    Possibly an homage to Bieber our Canadian angel.
  11. Staples easy button. Upper thigh.
    Gov Ball 2014. Never forgot