Beautiful people I've met this year

  1. Zoë
    I can't remember what it was like not knowing her. She is extraterrestrial. She is surreal. She is so kind, funny, and graceful. She is a real life fairy. She is always having a good time. She is a magical person to be around.
  2. Dyeemah
    Such a powerful being! She is always so upbeat and fun to be around. I am so lucky to have such an amazing person to work with. She is so politically aware and honest. Im going to miss her so much!
  3. Devon
    They are so incredible. We share so many of the same cultural experiences and mile stones. It was amazing finding someone who's politics are so aligned with my own. They constantly help me evolve my definition of womanhood and sisterhood.
  4. Caitlyn
    I will adopt her one day. She is so fricking cute. She is always breaking my heart and making me worry about her. But she is the most generous and humble person I've ever met. I'm sad that I met her so late. She deserves a shit ton of good things.
  5. Auri
    Easily one of my favorite white girls. She is one weird cookie. She is smart and humble. She is always listening and absorbing information. She is very good at communicating even though a lot of the time it isn't intentional. She is the only reason I got into college.