Im bad at fashion and fashion photos
  1. Comfy and handy
    Carpenters pants, pink tank top (thin enough to highlight nipple accessory), brother's belt, large black cardigan (worn everyday for the rest of the week), unwashed hair.
  2. Where's the rest of your shirt?
    Super duper cropped flannel, tiny red tank top, cropped flare jeans, this belt belonged to someones ex boyfriend
  3. Softcore
    Tiny striped sweater, cropped kick flare jeans (10 dollars old navy), ed hardy belt found at stoop sale, light panty line.
  4. Retired Ballerina
    Yes I know they'll kill me. Grey leotard (unitard?) , tan wool skirt, gabbi's cardigan, trashy but cute heart pendant necklace some man gifted to me, lint
  5. Compromise (or sexy elf)
    Wanted to wear a tank top but needed some sleeves. Sheer mesh top ("Sexy men's undershirt" as named on Amazon), green drawstring cargo pants, favorite tiny red tank. Showing off some ink but also SLEEVES (bc autumn). Pale muffin top ;)
  6. USPS truck
    Windbreaker, red bra, white pants
  7. When you really give up
    Tie dye tee shirt, scrubs with my name on the pocket and paint stains in case I forget I'm an artist
  8. Scarf
    Giant heavy scarf that you probably won't wear out because they will make a meme out of you (knitted by me!) mesh bra, no panties, silver bracelets gifted by auntie
  9. Small shao
    T shirt kindergarten yearbook photo stitched on. Giant high bun. Angry face. Post puke breath. Ink stain.