This list will start with what I could remember from this week
  1. Washington Square Park 6 pm
    Two guys approach me and Ruby. The first, entered our path and asked us if we went to nyu, our names, if we meditate...Enters his friend. And then we're stuck there for a minute. And one of them goes " I know this is uncomfortable". THEN WHY HOLD US SOCIALLY HOSTAGE. lol we really thought maybe they'd sell us drugs.
  2. N Train 4 am
    I fall asleep. I open my eyes and a man sits next to me. He looks at me. He puts his hands down his pants. I get up instinctively. And briefly think "maybe I saw that wrong and have now offended another human being." But then a woman shares a sympathetic smile and snarls at the creep. We both switch train cars.
  3. N Train via the D Line 7pm
    I'm asleep. I am always asleep on the train. A man taps me to wake me up to ask me "what stop you getting off at?"
  4. Church Step
    I'm crying bc its been a rough week. And man ask if I want some weed. I say no. And he reaches down into his pants "looking for weed".