Season 1
  1. The Jealousy / Inheritance Murder
    Siblings, relatives, husbands, wives
  2. The Kidnapping
  3. The Hostage Situation
  4. The High School episode
    Drugs, bullying, teacher- student relations, scandal, cover up
  5. The Serial Killer Rapist
  6. The Serial Killer Rapist part 2
  7. An episode that has to do with the church
  8. The Politician
    High profile, high stakes, there's a mistress
  9. DRUGS!
  10. The "how is he still murdering people while in jail?!" episode
  11. The finale part 1: The sidekick gets kidnapped
  12. The finale part 2: "He's always a step a head of us".
    The bad guy kills himself. Sidekick is saved.