Favorite NYC Spots

@dudleyjoshua I'm jacking this even though I don't go uptown EVER
  1. Anthology Film Archives
    Love Film Forum but Anthology is closer to school and has really been on their game these past few months (especially the Woman With a Camera series)
  2. Mamoun's
    Not a fan of the remodel but there is more room. I probably eat here twice a week. Cheap and open late.
  3. Columbus Park
    Or I call it "china town park". My grandma calls it "old people park." Always a good place to sit and listen to some live music. Its really nice in the Spring when the park dwellers return. Its also nice in the winter because I don't mind the cold but its definitely a different vibe.
  4. Big Wong
    While we're still in chinatown this place is the BEST. I recommend the wonton noodle soup with roast pork.
  5. North Dumpling
    ALSO THIS PLACE! It is one of the few dollar dumpling places. This place is special to me because it feels like home. It is super causal. Like you walked into someone's kitchen and their family is your family and they are feeding you. Real MVP for staying open til 3 AM
  6. New Museum
    NYC is famous for the MET and the MOMA but the New Museum is really where its at. All of the artists are practicing and alive. There are also very engaging lectures, performances, conversations and film screenings. The artists in residence are very involved with the education department. Bonus: GREAT GIFT SHOP