Highlights from my high school yearbook

I didn't get one because it was a hundred dollars and I need to feed and house myself. These are snaps I took from a friends copy.
  1. Mr. Elliot
    He was my poetry teacher junior year. Hands down the most important english class I had the honor of taking. One of our assignments was to attend a poetry reading outside of school and perform. It opened up a new community for me and I am so grateful. He has always been so supportive. He wrote the best letter of recommendation for me. I cried when I read it. I will miss this weird little man. And yes he is the kind of guy that looks like his dog
  2. Mr. Horowitz
    Crazy astronomy teacher man. He also manages the planetarium in our school. YEAH WE HAVE A FRICKING PLANETARIUM. He plays almost exclusively plays Pink Floyd. He is so funny. Sometimes he just says the craziest things and some people (most people) thinks he's nuts. When he's serious though he gives the best advice. He can always put things into perspective because his class is about things that are so much larger than life. He is also in a dad band.
  3. Mr. Atkinson
    He was the first gym teacher I had at Murrow and he was my last gym teacher ever. I appreciate that he always looked out for me. He never made me play because he knew it would be a safety hazard. We had some of the best conversations. He taught me so much and I feel he learned from me too. I'm excited for him to retire because he deserves it. I will never forget how he'd play the piano in the auditorium during his free periods.
  4. Jet
    My pal Jet is a musician and a goon. So blessed to have him in my life. We became friends during lunch freshman year because I had nowhere to hangout and he was the only familiar face. Jet mumbles to himself in class and repeats rhymes that he likes. Its annoying but I'll miss that. I know we'll still be friends after high school but I've come to accept that we will be seeing each other a lot less.
  5. Simon
    It always makes me feel good when he compliments the things I wear. (He also always likes to comment on how he'd like to wear a dress or skirt). He is one of the best people I've met in high school. Sometimes I forget that he's real smart because he's kind of dopey. He is very generous and has a good sense of humor. I also would have never passed english if he hadn't helped me out. I will miss arguing with him. He puts up a good fight.
  6. Ava
    Going into high school she had been my best friend for three years. We went through the emo phase together. Countless bad hair dye jobs, extremely awful thick lined eyes, and super sweaty concerts were left behind. We grew apart but I will always love this girl. She has dealt with the worst of me. And I am so happy to see how happy she is now. She and Simon are the cutest and I am so proud of the relationship they have maintained. I am so proud of you Ava.
  7. Sam
    This girl is the toughest person I know. She has endured so much trauma and has rose above like no other. She's a fighter. Literally she wrestled for the school on a co ed team. She is my hero.
  8. Carol
    My number 1 comrade. She is so important to me because no one else could have given me the support she has. She is my partner in fighting for awareness for our narratives as asian american students. She is so smart and organized. I am so honored to have a friend like her.
  9. Elyse
    One of the funniest people I know. The first conversation we had she made a joke about my parents selling me for a goat and some hens. Fun fact: she doesn't have a year book quote because of the three she wrote down the school felt it inappropriate to print any of them
  10. Layla
    The smartest person I know. She is so kind and gentle. She deserves everything good in the world. She is also one of the best listers I follow @laybecks
  11. Ashley
    I don't know her that well. We had Spanish together freshman year. But I remember once helping her find her dad. He parents got divorced so she never saw him after that. She knew he lived on the same train line as me. When we got to his house she cried. We never hung out after that. It wasn't weird or anything. I wish her luck.
  12. Tomasz
    He never corrects people who pronounce his name wrong. He is really funny but is quiet so no one except his friends know. He writes really good poems. We wrote one about beating up a spider man balloon bc he was bullied. His quote is also funny. I'm happy I got to know him from afar
  13. Jacklynn
    Probably one of the worst people at Murrow. I can say this and not feel too bad because she exposed my nudes to many classmates as well as the principal. She violated my body, my safety, and my security. I hope she will not live the rest of her life like a high school student. I hope one day she will realize how messed up that was. But for now I will learn to get pass her and be the best person I can be.
  14. Ms. Raymond
    This is funny because this is the teacher superlative page. And she directed a musical that caused me so much trauma. She unapologetically directed Miss Saigon and said "I cannot apologized for 200 years of orientalism." She also said "she could sympathize with my struggle as a woman of color."
  15. Gabe
    My best friend and awesome coworker. She helped me get the awesome job at the antique store. She is so beautiful, smart, and hardworking. She and her family has meant so much to me the pass 4 years. They are so supportive and kind. I will miss her so much when she leaves for Minnesota. I didn't think we would be friends when I first met her now I am so sad knowing that she will be so far from me.
  16. Mr. Rosado
    This man untaught me so much. I unlearned how to draw in his class and he replaced all the useless knowledge I had accumulated with his wisdom. "Listen to your heart and your ass will follow."
  17. Ms. Holcomb
    One of my best friends in school. She is so badass and crazy. I will miss her the most out of my art teachers because she was also the homie. I made my best work under her supervision. I was a weirdo going into her class junior year but coming out of it I am a smarter weirdo. She also had to deal with me dicking around a lot more than any person should. She deserves to get a punch in once I graduate.
  18. Ms. K
    With out her support I would have struggled so much this year. I never thought I would be one of those people that would cry in her office but hey it happens to the best of us. She has gone out of her way to provide the art students with safe spaces in her department. Any art student at the school would tell you that she is their mom. We have matching Morrissey phone cases because she is emo too.