Alrighty @Gola lets see how I do
  1. Sports lore: F
    I watch the Superbowl every year. And I think I might be a Mets fan.
  2. Vehicle lore: F
    ??? This one I REALLY DON'T GET. I guess I like red cars.
  3. Action movie lore: C
    I can appreciate a well put together action movie. I'm not into car chases or gun fights. More of a kung fu fight scene kinda gal.
  4. Handyman Skills: B+
    Maybe even an A. My specialty is tinkering with the laundry machine. My tool box is my best friend. I also look killer in a pair of overalls.
  5. Basket Shooting: F
    I had to google what this was.
  6. Golfing: F
    Mini-golfing: D+
  7. Talking about golf: F
    Talking about how classist and unnecessary golf is: A+
  8. Orienteering: B
    I get around well with out a map. I can't tell you where North is. I also have the google map app
  9. Driving Record: F
    I can't even ride a bike
  10. Grilling: F
    I refuse to engage in any sort of food making. I seamless (:
  11. Calisthenics: F
    I failed phys ed in high school twice. Never learned to do a push up.
  12. Hammocking: A
    I think this one most people can do. Unless it is not what I think it is.
  13. Stoicism: B
    I can be emotionally withdrawn. I lack the intimacy and emotional maturity that most functioning members of society enjoy having.
  14. Gallantry: B
    I would say I'm polite...when I'm sober
  15. Attitude: C
    I'm comfortable in a manly kind of femininity.
  16. Extra Credit:
    I smoked a cigar once