My Trip to a Real Life college

Visiting Ava at school in Upstate NY bc the city is grey and sad right now and so am I
  1. Amtrak smells like boiled chestnuts
  2. Pubic hair on the toliet
    Communal bathroom spaces scare me.
  3. Achilles
    Is the stray cat that my host's house takes care of. They feed him, let him in when its too cold, and pet him. He is a prince.
  4. Communal curtain
  5. Ava
    Let me run across the sport field. She's not a fan of the sport people at school. Everything here is beautiful
  6. Lev
    Lives in the city so fun running into him. We aren't friends. We just know the same people. He borrowed my phone to call his mom.
  7. Most magical
  8. Magical
  9. Shay
    And I do homework in the library.
  10. Everything is so beautiful