Consensual, mutual, not sexual, touching intimacy between friends
  1. Head scratching and hair play
    LOVE IT when someone runs there hands along my scalp and brushes my hair. LOVE IT when my hair is braided tight and then untangled
  2. Cleaning for someone else
    I like feeling like I'm taking care of a space that is not mine but that I am welcomed in. I like the moment when someone no longer offers you a glass of water but rather lets you wash the dishes. I like taking care of you when don't ask me too.
  3. Holding someones head
    This intimacy taps into some maternal aspect for me. I like holding someone's head in my arms because it feels like I'm holding a whole person. It also feels like a baby. It might also be a power play thing but..huh
  4. Bathing
    Kind of touching. I like bathing and I like it even more when I have good company. I like touching legs under water. Makes me feel like a dolphin rubbing on another dolphin. EXTRA CREDIT for friends who wash my hair.
  5. Rubbing
    I love rubbing my face on my companions' skin. ESPECIALLY HAIR. Love love love rubbing on arm hair and facial hair. I also love the trust between us in situations that are hyper-sexualized. I love trusting mutual understanding of friendship expectations and safety.
  6. Sharing a bed
    There is a level of comfort indicated by being able to fall asleep next to someone. Sleep is a state of vulnerability and I trust the people who I wake up next to. And I trust them to not make memes out of my sleeping poses and faces
  7. Belly love
    I love it when YOU LOVE my belly. Always been a bit chubby and used to be so insecure about the chubs. My sister used to poke my belly and laugh so its nice to be touched and held in a place that has been a little wounded.
  8. Silence
    SILENCE IS SO INTIMATE. And finding friends to be quiet with is the best. I love trusting that my presence is as much appreciated as my conversation. I love the language we can use to communicate when we aren't saying anything.
  9. Spooning
    I LIKE BEING THE BIG SPOON in platonic spooning. I like feeling like protecting someone.